Terms and Conditions


SaiMax Technology is an online platform where you receive a wide variety of assistance in managing your finance and accounts in the form of Pro-Advisors, QuickBooks, Mint and much more. If you contact SaiMax Technology over the phone or via email and wish to use any service provided by us, you need to carefully read and understand the agreement and agree to the same.
If there is any clause in the agreement that you find not suitable, you would not be able to use the services offered by us. In other words, you must agree to the terms and conditions in the agreement in order to make use of our services.
If you do not agree to the terms of our agreement, you may not contact us for the cancellation of your support with SaiMax Technology. Only if you contact SaiMax Technology for the cancellation of your service within 30 days of the purchase, you qualify for the refund based on the refund policy.
Software support provided by SaiMax Technology to its customers is always there to help them with their issues. The software support assistance of SaiMax Technology is solely designed to help our clients with their problems while using services and software provided by us. This software support attempts to resolve all your issues in a professional, reasonable and timely manner.

Access your Device

SaiMax Technology hereby makes you aware of the fact that by your agreement to the use of Services, you allow SaiMax Technology/ Experts to access, control and manage your device so that he or she can diagnose the issues and fix the same for you.
For the purpose of delivering the services and resolving your issues, the SaiMax Technology Expert may gather device data, download some programs on your device and use the same and remotely access your device to make the required changes in your device settings.
By accepting the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, you agree and authorize SaiMax Technology to connect to your device either by taking the remote access of the same or by any other method, download, install and use all the software’s on your device that are required to fix your issues, gather data on and from your device and make the desired changes in your device settings while fixing the issue being faced by you.
Other than the above mentioned conditions, you also agree that SaiMax Technology or any member of the SaiMax Technology Team would not be responsible, at any time, under any circumstances, for any kind of harm or loss or damage that you may encounter due to the repair work or that is related to the Service itself. By accepting this agreement, you allow SaiMax Technology Expert to make all the desired changes that he or she thinks are necessary for fixing your issues.